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To Get To The Other Side Coming
December 6, 2022 with
Alcove Press

About me

Kelly Ohlert is an adult fiction author, with a focus on romantic comedy. She loves books about… well, love! Since laughter is the best medicine, she’s only doing her civic duty to heal human souls by incorporating humor as well. She’s a lifelong avid reader of all genres, and as a busy mom has an enthusiastic appreciation for audio books and multi-tasking.

Kelly grew up in the Chicago area, but moved to attend Western Michigan University. She stuck around Michigan, hopping from city to city. Her meet cute involved “borrowing” that hot guy’s baseball cap, and it’s been love ever since. She, her husband(the aforementioned ball cap owner), and their two young daughters reside in the Lansing area, with their menagerie of five fur babies.

Aside from the obvious reading and writing, Kelly’s hobbies include belting out show tunes, game nights, losing her cell phone with alarming frequency, and getting outside to enjoy nature. If you meet her, approach with caution. She works from home, and in her stir crazy state, has been known to pounce on unsuspecting strangers to leach them of an ounce of adult conversation.

She is a firm believer that Chicago pizza is the best pizza, and Lou Malnati’s is the ultimate champion. She has a weakness for chocolate, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a good margarita, though not together.


Beta Reader Praise for
To Get To The Other Side

“A fun, sweet romance with some really funny moments, and some really touching moments. It’s the kind of book I would read in one sitting

“writing is superb. It flits along breezily and is a joy to read. I laughed out loud many times and was moved to tears others…so refreshing to read.

“Comedy written well and seamlessly. There were quite a few times where I laughed out loud.”

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